Mark Webber

Date of Birth 19 Jul. 1980
Place of Birth Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA



2010 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as Stephen Stills
2009 Shrink as Jeremy
2007 The Good Life as Jason
2000 Animal Factory as Tank
2000 Boiler Room as Kid
1999 Whiteboyz as Trevor
1999 Drive Me Crazy as David Ednasi
2008 Good Dick as Derek
2007 Weapons as Sean
2000 Snow Day as Hal Brandston
2001 Storytelling as Scooby Livingston
2006 The Hottest State as William Harding
2007 The Memory Thief as Lukas
2004 Winter Solstice as Pete Winters
2011 The Lie as Tank
2012 Save the Date as Jonathan
2001 The Rising Place as Will Bacon
2005 Broken Flowers as The Kid
2015 Uncanny as David Kressen
2010 Gift of the Magi as Jim Young
2013 Goodbye World as Benji
2014 Jessabelle as Preston
2014 13 Sins as Elliot
2015 The Ever After as Thomas
2002 Hollywood Ending as Tony Waxman
2014 Happy Christmas as Kevin
2014 Laggies as Anthony
2016 Green Room as Daniel
2013 The End of Love as Mark
2016 Antibirth as Gabriel
2002 Chelsea Walls as Val
2017 Inheritance as Ben
2002 People I Know as Ross
2006 Just Like the Son as Daniel
2005 Dear Wendy as Stevie
1999 Jesus' Son as Jack Hotel
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