Jena Malone

Date of Birth 21 Nov. 1984
Place of Birth Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA



2002 The Badge as Ashley Hardwick
2003 Cold Mountain as Ferry Girl
1999 For Love of the Game as Heather Aubrey
2005 Pride & Prejudice as Lydia Bennet
2008 The Ruins as Amy
2007 Into the Wild as Carine McCandless
2001 Life as a House as Alyssa Beck
2011 Sucker Punch as Rocket
1998 Stepmom as Anna Harrison
2007 The Go-Getter as Jeoly
2004 Saved! as Mary
2009 The Messenger as Kelly
2003 The United States of Leland as Becky Pollard
1996 Bastard Out of Carolina as Ruth Anne 'Bone' Boatwright
2002 American Girl as Rena Grubb
2000 Cheaters as Jolie Fitch
2007 Four Last Songs as Frankie
2009 The Soloist as Cheery Lab Tech
2004 Corn as Emily Rasmussen
2008 Lying as Grace
2010 Five Star Day as Sarah Reynolds
2012 For Ellen as Susan
2012 In Our Nature as Andie
2013 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as Johanna Mason
2006 Container as The Woman / Speaker (voice)
1999 The Book of Stars as Mary McGuire
1997 Ellen Foster as Ellen Foster
2001 Donnie Darko as Gretchen Ross
1997 Contact as Young Ellie
2013 The Wait as Angela
2012 Dakota as Dakota
2014 Inherent Vice as Hope Harlingen
1996 Hidden in America as Willa Januson
2014 Time Out of Mind as Maggie
2015 Angelica as Constance
1997 Hope as Lilly Kate Burns
2015 10 Cent Pistol as Danneel
2017 Bottom of the World as Scarlett
2014 Memory 2.0 as Sophie
1970 Claire as Claire
2015 The Rusted as Karen
2017 Lovesong as Mindy
2012 The Painted Lady as Painted Lady
2016 The Neon Demon as Ruby
2016 The Caged Pillows as Ediza
2016 Nocturnal Animals as Sage Ross
2001 The Ballad of Lucy Whipple as California Morning 'Lucy' Whipple
2011 David Goldberg as Vida
2013 Teenage as American Girl (voice)
2012 Hatfields & McCoys as Nancy McCoy
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